FROCK2 is a modular furniture system suitable for modern homes and public interiors. The smaller depth makes is particularly convenient for those with a compact and limited space. Contrasting modules and decorative pillows allow for a variety of visual decisions.

Construction entirely built by wood panels provides the sofa extreme strength. The separate elements can be attached and detached with no need for instruments. Invisible PVC legs. Special use of only eco safe, water-based glues, no odder! Ability to take off the slipcovers.

Seat cushions made of 16 cm highly flexible polyurethane, individually shaped cushions. Highly flexible and time resistant. Very high level of comfort in a sitting, and especially in laying position. Ability to take off the slipcovers.

Back cushions made of silicone fiber with an inside natural cotton coverslip. Hidden zippers and ability to remove the slipcovers.


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